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Handmade Top Quality

“I’m a firm believer that quality matters. I take great pride in the craftsmanship I put into my baits. . All my jigs are handmade… hand-poured, hand-painted, and hand-tied. I use a copper wire to tie on the skirt, which doesn’t rot or melt like rubber ones. I only use thicker gauge Mustad Ultra-sharp hooks. The skirt flows better, the hooks pin ’em, and our jigs outlast the rest!”

Aldo Orozco
Owner of Boondock Baits

How We Got Started

Time and time again we buy big brand jigs and after only a few uses the elements tear them up. The bands break off , the skirts are poor quality, and the paint chips off. After dealing with that myself I decided to make my own jigs. Boondock Baits jigs became a hit with friends and local tournament anglers. Word got around southern California to bass clubs, tournament anglers, urban fisherman and have been growing in our fishing community ever since 2018.  

Wholesale Contact

Boondock Baits supplies several local tackle shops, including Bob Sands Fishing Tackle and TackleExpress. We’d love to have more shops carry our jigs. If you are interested, contact us at boondockbaits@gmail.com on wholesale inquiries.

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