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Handmade & Built to Outperform!



The Boondock Difference

Our jigs are 100% handmade in the USA using high-quality components. We don’t compromise.

Each jig is hand-poured and hand-painted and use stout Mustad 2x Ultrapoint hooks and premium skirts.

Unlike jigs with rubber collars which break, rot and melt off, our copper wire collar stays on forever.

Proven Natural Colors

Our colors are based on natural bass forage staples, and get bit across the country and year-round. Look closely, we add unique details that set us apart.

We tinker with tons of fresh and customer requested colors in our lab, keep an eye out for limited editions.

Tournament Tested Tough

When competition and money is on the line, tournament anglers know only the best baits are tied on. Baits that can fished hard for over a thousand casts with confidence.

Boondock jigs have been fished by FLW tournament anglers and helped win local tournaments you won’t hear about. Fisherman don’t talk about their secret winning baits, but word is getting around.

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